Unlike many of the city's private instructors, Basketball Stars of New York individually tailors each Private 1-on-1 Training session based on your child's position and skill level. Our hand-picked staff features coaches who played all five positions at the various levels of college basketball, including the Big East, Ivy League, Patriot League, Big 10 and Atlantic 10 . The pedigree of our coaching staff is truly unparalleled. Our instruction goes beyond simply guiding your child through drills -- we provide explanations of the fundamentals that will enhance your child's understanding of the game and how to utilize his or her skill set. If you so desire, once your child has found an appropriate fit with a coach from our staff we will make sure your child meets with the same coach for every session. This allows the child and coach to establish trust and continuity between sessions and facilitates the long-term progress we hope to achieve.

For group lessons, we will determine which coach is best suited to meet the needs of the group and outline a strategy for all participants focusing on the necessary fundamentals.

To sign up for 1-on-1 or small group lessons in your neighborhood, please call us at (732) 642-9803 or email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for all inquiries.  


1 on 1 Lessons / Training Sessions

60 Minute Sessions
1 Session $125.00
5 Sessions $550.00
10 Sessions $995.00
90 Minute Sessions
1 Session $150.00
5 Sessions $725.00
10 Sessions $1400.00


2 or 3 Child Group Lessons / Training Sessions

Cost per child, please purchase multiple quantities depending on # of children.

60 Minute Sessions
1 Session $85.00
5 Sessions $400.00
10 Sessions $750.00
90 Minute Sessions
1 Session $110.00
5 Sessions $525.00
10 Sessions $1000.00


Mens Guards:
Dermon Player (Seton Hall + St. John's)
Josh Watkins (Utah University)
Mike Tuitt (Hampton U.)
Rashiyd Shabazz (York College)

Mens Small Forwards
Dante Milligan (Pittsburgh/Umass)
Laurence Jolicuoer (Manhattan College)
Richard Parker (LIU)
Kevin Burton (Boston University)

Mens Forwards / Centers:
Andrew Dowton (Tufts)
Brandon Walters (Seton Hall)
Mark Mccarroll (Pittsburgh)

Womens Guards:  
Whitney Toone (Illinois)  
Alyssa Hollins (Missouri)
Lexis Valentin (NYC)
Womens Forwards:     
Jewel Watson (Bowie State)