Join our coaches over winter break for an intensive shooting clinic – let our staff do what they do best and teach your son/daughter how to shoot THE CORRECT WAY.

The clinic will include:

  • Individualized instruction by our expert coaches
  • Developing/perfecting shooting fundamentals
  • Maximum of 12-15 players to ensure maximum reps. per player
  • Correction of any bad shooting habits

BSNY HQ (210 W 91st between Amsterdam and Broadway)

Friday, January 5th, 2018

9U - 14U (groups will be broken down by age)

1st Session: 9:30 -  11pm
2nd Session: 12:00 - 1:30pm
3rd Session: 1:30 - 3pm

Registration limited to 15 players maximum!

Reach out on 646-543-9004 with any questions.

Skills Covered:

  • Perfecting Proper Form
  • Breaking Down Shot Mechanics
  • Shooting off the Catch
  • Shot Fakes and Rip Through's into Jump shot
  • Shooting off all types of screens

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